10 Ideas for content writing

by SeoBeGood  - February 11, 2022

10 Ideas for content writing

10 Ideas for content writing. Finding inspiration for content ideas is a significant struggle for many budding content creators, and if you’re one of them, you’re going to love this guide. 

Today we’ll show you 10 little tricks which you can use to find content ideas for your site and blog, YouTube videos, or podcasts.

Number one. You can use Google Image tags.

Here’s how you can use it, First go to Google images and type any topic idea into the search bar. Then you can check out the tags suggested by Google. These tags can be a goldmine of content ideas since Google considers all of these terms very close to your original topic idea, which means many people search for it.

10 Ideas for content writing - google image tags

Therefore you can now combine a tag with your keywords, and you’ll get many content ideas.

Let’s take, For example, the term “Paleo Diet.” Following the method will give you lots of good Keywords like Paleo diet breakfast, Paleo diet meal plan, etc.

Number two is Facebook Ad Library.

There are a lot of proven content ideas in the Facebook ad library which you can tap into for your use.

So how do we do it?

To start, search for the Facebook page in your niche; you’ll see all the ads that they’re running there.

There will be lots of traditional ads that act as squeeze pages to be avoided.

Instead, look out for Facebook posts promoting a specific content piece published. This is important because if someone is paying money to promote a piece of content, that probably means that the particular piece of content is doing pretty well for them.

10 Ideas for content writing - facebook ad library

You can also see the exact words and phrases they are using in their content, and you can use the same in your content.

For example, if we search Moz blog posts in the Facebook ads library, you can find great keywords like Moz Facebook ads, Moz blog posts, etc

Number three is the Reddit keyword research tool.

This tool is excellent for several reasons. First of all, unlike the other keyword research tools, this tool doesn’t just use a seed Keyword to offer many keywords ideas.

Instead, it tells you the hot topics people are talking about on a specific subreddit. The tool is also straightforward to use. You need to pop your preferred subreddit into the search bar, and it’ll show you the most talked-about results.

10 Ideas for content writing - reddit keyword research tool

There is also a bonus in the tool, which is nifty. The tool also pulls monthly search volume data from the Google keyword planner so you can decide which Keyword is the most appropriate for your content.

Number four is the Best by Links report.

Many people in ultra-competitive niches make content that is designed to get backlinks.

But it is tough to know beforehand if your content will get backlinks or not. That’s where you can use the best by Backlinks report.

Most of the powerful tools like Moz pro have this feature included, and they all work in more or less the same way.

10 Ideas for content writing - link report

What they do is sort the content by the number of Backlinks attached. The report shows which piece of content has the most backlinks.

You can use the report to see the most linked content and then use the skyscraper technique to improve upon it and publish it on your site.

Number five is the exploding topics tool.

One of the best ways to find content ideas is to write about an emerging topic.

Why do you ask?

That’s because new topics are relatively less explored and aren’t as competitive. So if you write an in-depth piece of content about a new emerging topic, you’ll get the first movers advantage and get lots of backlinks and shares.

10 Ideas for content writing - topics tool

So now the question is, how can you constantly find new topics to write about.

Well, that’s where the tool named exploding topics comes into play.

This tool scans the web for topics that are slowly picking up pace. You can even sort the list by topics by different categories and then use those topics to create content.

Number six is the comments on your blog.

10 Ideas for content writing - comments

You should always pay attention to what the people in your comment section are asking for, and you’ll get great ideas for content that will work because your audience specifically demands them.

You can take the clues from your blog and your competitor’s blog, for that matter.

Number Seven is your competitor’s YouTube channel.

Now, this is a straightforward technique to implement. All you’ve to do is head over to your competitor’s channel. After that, sort their videos by the most popular category. This allows you to get a list of their most-watched videos. You can do the same with a number of your competitors.

10 Ideas for content writing - youtube channel


For example, if you’re working in the fitness and workout niche, you can look at the Fitness Blender channel on YouTube and learn what type of content they produce.

This technique works well because it allows you to see what content has worked well for a particular channel in the past, whether it’s one of their all-time popular videos or a rising video. 

And you can create your content around one of those topics.

The fun thing is, you can be sure that your content will do good because you have seen that it has already worked out well for your competitors in the past.

Now, of course, this technique works best for YouTube, but you can also use the same method in various media sites like podcasts or blogs to come up with new content ideas.


Number eight is Product Hunt.

Now, this might be a surprising source of inspiration, and you might ask, How do you get new topic ideas from Product Hunt?

So first of all, start with checking the products which have won awards like Product of the day, product of the week or month.

Now you can do two things. You can create content centered around those products. Or you can do something better. These products will tell you the problems people are trying to solve and the specific niches that are emerging.

10 Ideas for content writing - product hunt

So you can create content centered around the products and the problems, like a roundup of tools or software or the solution to specific issues in those niches.

Product Hunt also has a public forum called “Ask,” where people regularly discuss emerging tech and topics. You can use those forums to mine for content ideas that are in demand and create content focused on the same.

Number nine is Google Analytics Landing Pages Report.

This method is primarily used to scale up content already working for your blog. This means that your site needs to have some amount of traffic coming in if this method is applied.

Even if your site has a small amount of traffic, you can use this method to scale it up.

10 Ideas for content writing - Google Analytics Landing Pages Report

So how does it work?

This is simple in theory. All you need to do is to go to Google Analytics. There you can find the landing pages report.

The purpose of this report is to show all the pages which are driving traffic to your site; therefore, you can use this information to know what is working and what is not.

You can check the type of tweaks you can make in terms of Content topics, Content formats like list posts, case studies, etc., Authors for multi-author blogs, Promotional strategies,

SEO, Writing style, Visuals, charts, and embedded videos.

After you’ve found out what is working well for the site, implement the same thing on your other less performing pages and improve upon those performing well.

This strategy can be beneficial and provide you with a bunch of valuable information.

Even Buzzsumo and some other tools have the same built-in feature, but they don’t tell you more than the content type.

They don’t talk about which formats, angles, and topics work best. Therefore Google Analytics is the best place to visit for this information, and you can decide which content you

can improve and how.

Number ten is Ahrefs Content Explorer.

Although the content explorer feature works the same way in most SEO tools like Buzzsumo and Ahrefs, a few extra features are good.

For example, you can use a feature to drill down on content on where a keyword appears.

Go to Ahrefs Content Explorer and filter it by keyword position to use this feature.

You can also see the content which brings in the most valuable traffic and rank in Google for high CPC keywords.

To do this, go to content explorer, and filter pages.

10 Ideas for content writing - Ahrefs Content Explorer

Another cool feature is highlighting sites that publish content in your specific niche and haven’t linked to you.

You can do that by going to content explorer again and filtering the content by unlinked domains. 

Here’s a pro tip, filter the results by applying the “only broken.” This will bring out the content which was doing well before but is now showing error pages. Therefore you can find broken links and use the broken link building technique to earn legit backlinks.


So that was all the methods now. I hope you liked this informative guide and have learned something from this.

As always, stay happy, stay prosperous, and have a good learning.

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