7 SEO Predictions for 2022

by SeoBeGood  - February 11, 2022

7 SEO Predictions for 2022

7 SEO Predictions for 2022,what might happen in the world of SEO, and we need to pay attention to these clues to take advantage of the small and big changes in the way Google does things, after all? There’s a good chance if you can react to changes faster than your competitors. You can outrank them and get more leads, customers, and sales as a result.

So with that in mind, in this article, I’m going to review seven SEO predictions for 2022. Now some of the predictions like number six might catch you off guard, even if you’re an SEO veteran. 

Prediction number one

Google will use image text as a ranking factor. Now, google mostly relies on all tags and captions to figure out what a specific image is about. But because of advancements in AI, people are beginning to suspect that Google will Soon be able to read the actual text within a picture.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - ranking factor

After all, google can already do this with specific tools like google photos. Now, if google can actively extract text from website images, they might use the text within an image to figure out what a particular webpage is about. They could then use this info when ranking your site on google.

Now, if you want to be ahead of the curve, you might want to consider adding relevant text to your images based on the keywords you’re trying to rank for now. This is just one ai prediction we have for 2022, and later on, we’ll touch on another later in this article.

Prediction number two

2022 is a year amp goes away wholly now; if you’ve ever googled something on a mobile device, you’ve probably come across an accelerated mobile page also known as amp at one point or another. Amp pages deliver a stripped-down version of a web page, drastically lowering loading. Time and speed up your site.

However, many publishers aren’t pleased with amp. Google is even facing a legal case about it because of all this backlash. In 2021, google announced the websites of amp would no longer get preferential treatment.

Now this framework is still supported by google, so it’s not entirely irrelevant yet. And this framework still helps your website. Improve loading speeds and loading speeds are good factors in search engine rankings.

Interestingly enough relates to another prediction we’re going to make later on, but either way, many people are starting to turn on amp, so it’s a chance. Google will abandon this format in favor of something better and, at the very least just, so they can avoid all the drama created.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - amp

By this framework, either way, if you’re setting up a website in 2022, you shouldn’t worry too much about using amp, and you should also keep a close eye on. What might replace this framework?

Prediction number three

Google will announce new core web, vital metrics. Google was something known as core web vitals, and for the most part, this concept is designed to identify whether a website provides, a good user experience, for instance earlier.

We discussed website speed, which is just one of the factors. Google pays attention to core vitals. However, they also focus on a few coding and security issues; for instance, google looks at whether a website uses the HTTPS protocol and, if it doesn’t, the website might experience low rankings.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - core web vitals

These days, how many sites you see that have HTTPS in their URL anyway. In any case, user needs and website security best practices are changing as time goes on. And the standards are rising every single year for this; because of this, Google might consider adding new metrics to its core web vitals program. Now if, you want a nice, simple, easy to use. Plug-In to improve your core and vitals.

I would highly recommend Autoptimize (Click the link for plugin description).

Prediction number four

All about one of my favorite topics, link building. Now I would say, that link building will be an even easier way to rank your website. Okay, links are still super important in SEO, but gathering them is obviously very hard. This is what most websites struggle with, especially if you’re, focusing on very high authority links.

If you wanted creme de la creme now in 2021, many companies manage to secure good links by focusing on pr campaigns. And these are essentially campaigns that attract a lot of media buzz and lead to a lot of new links because this method can drive a lot of links to your site and a lot of cross-platform publicity.

At the same time, more companies will be likely to see this in 2022. And I can only see it getting more significant.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - link building

Recent developments in ai have made it a lot easier for people to create lots of high-quality content in record-breaking amounts of time, for instance, in the past couple of years. Ai tools like Jarvis have gained tons of popularity, and with a tiny bit of manual editing, the content can genuinely be better than an actual human plus.

As time goes by, this technology will only get more powerful will see more and more ar articles and sites being pumped out. Because it’s an easy way to scale content creation, save time and get more traffic for example.

Your average writer could only write one or two thousand words per day and probably be exhausted after that can now blast out ten times that amount, plus you’ll see more content agencies using ai for better orders.

Prediction number five

E-commerce stores will double down this year. Now, e-commerce stores took a big hit when the ios 14 updates handled their ad tracking abilities, and, as a result, they saw fewer conversions or fewer results with their facebook ads.

After all, recent figures show that 96 of us users have opted out about tracking once. They were given the option to do so now, this is a problem because it makes it more difficult for, advertisers and e-commerce stores especially to create ad campaigns that deliver a higher ROI.

And because of this, a lot of e-commerce businesses are starting to consider other marketing channels such as SEO. Now, what does that mean for you well?

As a result, you might see some extra competition in 2022 from e-commerce brands no matter what niche you’re in.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - E-commerce

It’s only going to get more competitive on Google; if you run an e-commerce business or are worried about incoming competition from e-commerce companies.

Prediction Number six

Your website will rank in more countries without you having to do anything. Earlier, we hinted at an experimental feature that might be used in the search engine.

7 SEO Predictions for 2022 - mum

Rankings 2022. The feature I was talking about is something known as mum, which is essentially a form of ai. It’S also known as a multi-task unified model. Not the easiest thing to pronounce anyway, this ai feature can quickly translate web pages, and Google is hinting this tool could lead To an increase in the number of file results people see, when searching for a particular topic.

The exciting thing here is that these results won’t look fine because of this ai feature. And will take foreign results, translate everything and then just display the results in the preferred language of whoever is searching on google.

If this becomes a reality and your website takes advantage of this feature. Then you might be able to reach a lot more people and customers without too much more effort on your part.

Prediction number seven

SEO won’t change that much now. I know that sounds like a bit of a letdown, but my final prediction is that the fundamentals of SEO: don’t change from year to year. The same philosophy is in part. I mean if you look back at how SEO has developed over the past few years. The basic principles in SEO have mostly remained the same.

That means the success of SEO generally comes down to good content. Good backlinks, though recently, there has been a bigger push on user experience. Either way, we think these factors will continue to have a considerable level of importance.

And if you focus on those main things and don’t get distracted by all the noise, all the stuff out there, that you could do, you’ll have a good chance of ranking. Well, we’Ve saw that when our clients focus on the basics and get user experience content and backlinks right, their rankings only improve.

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