Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization

by SeoBeGood  - August 23, 2021

Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization. LinkedIn SEO. And why it’s so important to get your profile optimized if you want to get more leads and more career opportunities this year.

Now when we talk about LinkedIn SEO, we talk about a couple of things. The first thing you want to do is make sure that your LinkedIn profile can be discovered on Google itself. For that to happen, you have to make your profile public. I will put a link down in the first comment below, the direct link, how you can turn your profile public. So make sure that you turn everything public, including your profile picture and all the relevant sections like your work history, education history, and all the other sections on your profile.

Once You’ve done this, you have to give Google a little bit of time. It will usually take like a week or two until your profile shows up in the search result. And this makes sure that whenever anyone is googling your name, your LinkedIn profile will show up. On page one. At the top.

So that’s always great to have in case someone wants to look you up. Because sometimes it’s quite difficult. Suppose someone has not a direct connection to you. If there’s such for your name on LinkedIn, they might not be able to find you.

Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization | Search for your name on Google

But if they search for your name on Google, they can always find your LinkedIn profile. So that’s good! Now the second thing that we want to work on is the LinkedIn search itself. Now, when someone is using the LinkedIn search field. There are a couple of things that people can do.

People can search for a person’s name. They can search for a company name. They can search for a certain piece of content. Very often, people search for someone who can help them solve a certain business challenge. Usually, when they use the search field, they type in something like job title plus location.

Or skillset plus location. Any combination of that. Now what you can do is optimize for the keywords that people are most likely searching for. And especially the keywords that you want to be searched for. Let’s say you are a social media marketing expert.

Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization



Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization | LinkedIn, expert

Now what you want to do is use the word “social media marketing expert” in your LinkedIn headline. You also want to repeat the same phrase in your profile description. Then you have to see that you repeat the same phrase and related phrases in all the different sections of your LinkedIn profile. So someone might not search for a “social media marketing expert.” They might search for a “marketing expert” or “social media expert.”

Or a “specific social media network name expert,” for example, “LinkedIn, expert” of “Facebook expert” or “Instagram expert.” Whatever you are. You have to find all the different variations, how someone might name you or label you. You might have your own branding name, but it’s not important. You want to think about what people would think, such as potential customers.

They don’t necessarily know the correct term. Or they don’t know the exact branding. What else might they search for? And you have to make sure that you are writing a profile description and repeating the same name in different variations. So whenever someone is searching for LinkedIn, you can go through all of the different sections of your LinkedIn profile and find relevant keywords.

Then you want to make sure that you add a complete work experience section. And again, you can repeat this in the work experience section. You can create different titles. For example, if you’re working at this company. You can give yourself multiple titles and create your own section over there.

Add this as different job titles in the same company. Add it in the same description again for the work history. If you learned this in university, you might add certain courses that you have done containing the same keyword. Then in the interest section, you can add all the different skills. Make sure that you add variations of the same skill in your interest section.

Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization | Social Media Marketing

So whenever someone is searching for it, it might show up as a skill. Now then, when you’re working with people, ask Sam to write your LinkedIn recommendation. And ask them to mention specific keywords. You might even give them a pre-written template and say like “would you write something along those lines?”.

People always love this if you’re doing half the work for them. Or telling them exactly how to write a LinkedIn recommendation. And what they want to have included. By mentioning the keyword in multiple different recommendations, you help LinkedIn to identify “Oh, you seem to be really, really relevant for this one keyword.” Coming back to your skills section, you can ask other people to endorse you for some of your most important skills.

And you don’t want to go overboard and get all 50 skills. Make sure that you have the top 10 skills. And you’re getting a lot of endorsements from people who are also highly endorsed for the same skill level. For example, if you are a “social media marketing expert,” you might search LinkedIn itself. Find someone in your network who is also a “social media marketing expert.”

Smart LinkedIn Keyword Optimization | Social Media Marketing

And then convey to them the idea, maybe you can endorse each other for this particular skill. So you are starting to rank higher for it. What happens if two people have the same skill level and have been endorsed by multiple people for the same skill level? They will be considered an expert on that skill. Now, when you have 100 recommendations or endorsements for this particular skill.

Especially from other people who have the same skill or have been endorsed for the same skill level. LinkedIn will see that as two experts who have endorsed each other. So it’s more credible. If an expert in “social media marketing” is endorsing another one, that might mean that they have the knowledge to know that you’re actually good at this. So this will help you further to rank in your search results.

You can also join certain relevant keywords groups on LinkedIn, which might be something like “social media marketing experts London” or “social media marketing meetup.” Again, this keys in the keyword phrase over and over again. And it puts it in the keyword phrase in as many sections on your LinkedIn profile as possible. If you do all of this, the next thing that you want to do is you want to create content about the same topic. You have to identify first, what are the relevant keywords for your niche?

So you can also use this hashtag in social media marketing. So you can use them in your social media post on LinkedIn. Now, again. Use all the keywords you have identified that you want to be found for. And write content high-quality, premium content on LinkedIn.

The more content you’re writing, the more variations you’re creating, the more of the relevant industry-related hashtags you’re using, the better. And this will allow you to get found through multiple angles. You will get found through your job title. Through your description. Through are any of your posts.

And it makes it much more likely that you shop on page one when someone is searching for a “social media marketing expert” on LinkedIn. It will also help your Google search results. If someone is searching for something generic like “social media marketing expert LinkedIn,” It makes it much more likely that your profile will rank first.



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Search engine optimization, like people, always think that it’s a mystery or it’s impossible to use it for your benefit, so please understand search engine optimization is simply a process.
It’s a process you can fully understand. It’s a process you can fully manage.
It’s something you can do yourself. It’s no mystery. It’s no secret.

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