Local SEO

by SeoBeGood  - November 9, 2020

Local SEO

Local SEO is becoming an increasingly important factor as 46 percent of all Google searches have local intent.

According to Google, Near me, searches have grown at an even faster rate, 150 percent more than standard local-based searches.

With 74 percent of all consumers searching for a local product or service going on to visit a store that day, you’ll want to get in on the action.

Here are the major factors Google considers when ranking a business for local search. Make sure you optimize these so you can get found by relevant customers easier and faster.

Top Google search ranking factors.

  • Location, the person is searching from
  • The number of NAP citations is relevant to map rankings, NAP citations, name, address, and phone number, and the more they mentioned, the more they help Google a fan that you are a local business.
  • Whether or not the brand has a Google my business listing.
  • Keywords used in Google, my business profile.
  • Amount of positive or negative online reviews.
  • Keywords used in online reviews.
  • The number of check-ins logged at the brand location.
  • The number of shares on social media.
  • Google Maps star rating for the brand.

Please make sure you monitor your map ranking. Google’s map pack is a set of three local business results with a map of their locations pulled from Google Maps given to users who search for a business near them. It’s also displayed when Google thinks it’s relevant, even when users haven’t used a local search location. So it is an essential factor you need to consider.


Local SEO | Google my business

Local SEO Don’t forget local organic search results.

Even though the map is becoming increasingly relevant and the results displayed above organic search. You don’t want to neglect traditional local search to score highly in local organic rankings. It would be best to do proper keyword research using a tool such as Yelp suggest or Google suggest. And use the Google keyword panel to take a deep dive into data for specific geo-locations.

Include your primary keyword in your title tag, Your URL, and make sure you’ve optimized your website SEO with relevant local search keywords, including a quality, authoritative backlink to drive maximum traffic to your page.

Most importantly, set up and take care of your Google my business profile. 

To do this and Google my business and Google search and click through to set up your Google my business profile, add your information, including opening hours, photos, and videos. It’s wise to keep your Google my business listing updated. So try and add news every single week.

On SeoBeGood, you’ll find tutorials that will help you understand why you should never underestimate

this potent marketing tool. If you’re in a hurry, you can follow a fast-track guide. But for complete beginners, we recommend a two-hour step-by-step waterproofed tutorial on many of the blueprints shown on this site. You’ll see why Google my business is crucial for your brand.

Local SEO WhatsApp to boost your local business.

WhatsApp is a fantastic tool to implement in your local business marketing, as it has so many use it. You can use it to reduce call center costs or do away with the need for actual fantastic staff entirely by using IPOs to answer your customer’s queries and direct them to help further resolve them.

Because WhatsApp is such a popular application.It’s familiar to a fast number of people, making it much easier to set up customer support using this platform.

You can use WhatsApp to push important service announcements and updates to your customer’s phones, and you can also use it to send out notifications on order status, including dispatches and deliveries.

It can use to set up appointments and remind customers of upcoming meetings without the need to use text messaging services. If you’re the owner of a local service-based business, you can even take and put orders using the app, then use it to send out helpful reminders.

Local SEO | Whatsapp Business

Local SEO Share important information

WhatsApp’s handy labeling function helps you separate the different messages you send out, while the quick replies feature lets you save and reuse frequently sent messages. This saves you much time when it comes to answering the most common queries.

WhatsApp Business profiles allow you to share important information with your customers, like your address, business description, email address, phone number, and website.

You can use automated messages to set in a way response when you can’t answer your customers, allowing you to tell them directly when they can expect a human response. You can also use the greeting message feature to share your current promotions and introduce customers to your brand.

When it comes to your promotions, you can use WhatsApp to share videos, audio clips, PDFs, and dotX Files without any size or file limitations. Email text messaging typically comes with. WhatsApp is a fantastic promotional tool that you should seriously consider incorporating into your digital marketing approach if you have a local business.


Search engine optimization, like people, always think that it’s a mystery or it’s impossible to use it for your benefit, so please understand search engine optimization is simply a process.
It’s a process you can fully understand. It’s a process you can fully manage.
It’s something you can do yourself. It’s no mystery. It’s no secret.

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