SEO Tips and Tricks 2021| Find Copywriters

by SeoBeGood  - August 20, 2021

SEO Tips and Tricks 2021

SEO Tips and Tricks 2021| Find Copywriters. For me, there’s one quick tip that Offers people that this works really well. Go to a college; you can scout; I will ask writers in college people that are just learning to write, you know, people in college. They need some money.

They need an extra job. While they’re in college, if you can find writers of college Riders are English Majors, they would be the perfect person to write your content. You can give them tips on how to interview people, where to find the contents, how to research it, you know, how to format, the actual writing, you know. And that’s something you can definitely do go to colleges and find those students looking for some jobs, interesting and, you know, for one my client I told him to find all bloggers who write about your topic, and we created the list of 300 bloggers.

Find Copywriters

After this, we checked out their content with comments, sharing on social media, organic reach, SEO traffic. And we got the list for 20 people; we reach out to them.
And only two people reply to us. We agree we want to cooperate with you. We spent three months finding these two people, but that’s okay. You know, and it’s the same with any niches. It’s hard to hire experts who will provide and lead you in the right direction.


Find Copywriters

And what about parameter eat? For example, if you open my website, you can see my photo of my name on my blog. Or the section bio, you can see my photo because people want to cooperate with people. They’re interested when you share your photo and is the same with any websites, submit more information about you, share your story and provide or provoke the trust feeling. What do you think about this, John?

That’s, that’s totally true. One of the main things, Anatolii, is that we should make sure we focus on here in 2021. Focusing on your priorities. Because there are so many things that we can work on.

But working on that top 20% that make you money and make the cup business money is what you should focus on, right?
Like how do you prioritize your work when you focus on certain things in SEO? For example, I usually create a Content plan with 20 topics, 50 topics; it doesn’t matter. I need to feel that I can create something better than existing content and choose priorities after this. I customize one page and don’t touch any other pages when I feel I can’t provide more strength or improve this page.

SEO Tips and Tricks 2021|link building

You know, don’t try to create two three five pages at one time. It’s better to create one. The best content is not only about writing. You need to edit content to draw a design to optimize with search engines to provide web development to optimize with site speech, and even, it’s not finished because you need to promote and provide link building. And yep, I think link building is a more hard place in SEO.

SEO Tips and Tricks 2021|link building

Your, what do you think about link building? Let’s something depends on what energy you are in.
If you’re in the business, B2B Enterprise business. If you’re a big company, you don’t need to worry about link building. You get all the press releases. Get all the mentions and stuff like that. So that’s something to really have to focus on.

But you know I want to go back to some of the priorities and strategies here because there’s one thing that I do every time I work with a business or a new client is that I could do something called Striking Distance analysis, this is where you look at all that, you look at the existing content instead of creating new content, look at the existing content first, see where there are some opportunities to maybe. Some keywords have maybe great search volume and your ranking on page 2.

And I have to do is optimize those pages real quick, and you’ll get an instant boost on your rankings and traffic by just optimizing those things in Striking Distance because, I mean, those are easy. Google sees that you know your maybe number 12 number 13, maybe if you tweak out the meta title and add the keyword a few more times to get your keyword density.

SEO Tips and Tricks 2021| Find Copywriters | This is something that can easily have a quick win for your clients.

Semantic SEO | In 5 Steps


Search engine optimization, like people, always think that it’s a mystery or it’s impossible to use it for your benefit, so please understand search engine optimization is simply a process.
It’s a process you can fully understand. It’s a process you can fully manage.
It’s something you can do yourself. It’s no mystery. It’s no secret.

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